Student Resources for Remote Learning

Free Meditation Apps for Students


Designed to help you train your mind and body for a healthier, happier life and get the most out of your day, Headspace can be used anywhere. The free version of the app includes meditations and exercises led by Headspace co-founder Andy Puddicombe that will teach you the essentials of meditation and mindfulness. 

Named an ‘Independent Best Buy’ and featured on The Ellen Show and The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, a recent Headspace user review states: “After a few days with guided meditations I could really notice a difference in my way of handling stressful moments.”

Available for download on Android and iOS



Described by a user as “a truly life-changing app”, Calm is the perfect meditation app for beginners (there’s a seven-day beginner’s programme to get you started) but also includes programmes for more advanced users.

The short, guided meditation sessions cover the basics of mindfulness and there’s also a library of soothing nature sounds and scenes to use at your leisure. One great feature if you’re looking to improve your sleeping patterns is the ‘Sleep Stories’ – bedtime stories for adults ‘guaranteed to lull you to sleep’. 

Available for download on Android and iOS



If you’re after a personalised meditation experience, Aura could be the app for you. Described as a ‘new kind of mindfulness app’, Aura learns about you by asking questions. You then receive a daily three-minute mindfulness meditation based on your answers.

Compatible with the Apple Watch and loved by Apple (#1 New Apps We Love), Aura is designed to help you control your stress and thoughts better to reduce stress and increase positivity. A recent user review said: “It helps me take a step back from my busy schedule and to calm my nerves.”

Available for download on Android and iOS


Another app offering a personalised meditation and mindfulness experience is Stop, Breathe & Think. According to Cosmopolitan, this app has ‘stand out’ customisation tools that deliver meditations based on your current emotions and feelings. 

A recent study saw a 22% decrease in users feeling anxious after just 10 short sessions. Winner of the 2017 Webby People’s Voice Award for Best Health App, a current app user described Stop, Breathe & Think as a “great app to begin a new meditation practice or strengthen an existing one.”

Available for download on Android and iOS


Described by the Independent as “a social network for meditators”, Insight Timer lets you share and discuss your mindfulness experience with like-minded people around the globe. Community groups include Beginners, Transcendental Meditation and much more, plus there’s a packed library of guided meditations led by the world’s top mindfulness experts and meditation teachers.

Winner of TIME magazine’s Apps of the Year, a recent user had this to say: “Fantastic app! Helped me get back on track with meditation. Huge variety of meditations, talks & support.” 

Available for download on Android and iOS

Career Exploration  & Success- COVID-19 VIRTUAL RESOURCES

Create an Online Portfolio (hosted by Wix)

Tue, May 5 11:00 am EDT – 12:00 pm EDT

Rutgers Career Services

Student Grading for Spring 2020 with COVID-19 Concerns

Undergraduate students who have undergone serious disruption in their academic progress adversely affecting their academic performance due to COVID-19 will have the additional choice to opt for a change from letter grade to Pass/No Credit grade. Students will be allowed to make this choice through Friday, May 22, 2020, one week after final grades have been submitted.

Students will be allowed to choose whether they designate one or more courses to be Pass/No Credit (P/NC). This option should be evaluated carefully, and students are advised to first consult with academic advisors in their school to understand the full ramifications of such a decision for their particular academic major, career path, and financial aid standing. A procedure for filling out a webform that will be submitted to the student’s school of matriculation Advising and Academic Student Services is being developed and will be available here and at your school dean’s website by April 10. Advising deans in your respective schools will be reaching out to students who file this form to help them understand all of the ramifications of such decisions.


Pass/No Credit Grading Option for GSE Students from

Dean Wanda J. Blanchett

Hello GSE Students,

We hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy during this health crisis.

Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the University is offering all students the Pass/No Credit grading option for the Spring 2020 semester.

Below is the official GSE Policy for the Pass/No Credit option:

•    GSE students enrolled in graduate level classes (15:xxx:xxx) or in undergraduate courses (05:300:xxx) that are an approved requirement of their degree program, have the option to switch their grading modality from a letter grade to Pass/No Credit for any Spring 2020 class. The “P” grade replaces the A, B, C, letter grades. The “NC” grade replaces the “F” letter grade.
•    Students may choose the P/NC option for the Spring 2020 semester only. Students will be allowed to make this choice through Friday, May 22, 2020 – one week after final grades have been submitted.
•     “P” grades will count toward the credits required for the degree or non-degree program, but they will not enter into the GPA calculations.
•    The policy for Pass/NC grades for undergraduate students enrolled in GSE courses will be governed by the university’s policy for undergraduate grading.
•    The P/NC option should be evaluated very carefully by the student. Please consult with your advisor, the program coordinator, or doctoral director before choosing the P/NC option as there may be ramifications related to choosing P/NC.
•    GSE graduate students have the option to withdraw from any Spring 2020 course, with advisor approval, until May 1, 2020 provided it does not risk the student’s visa or financial aid.

Please note that this is OPTIONAL – students who want to keep their letter grade will of course be allowed to do so, and you do not have to do anything to make that happen.

Faculty and instructors DO NOT have the authority to change your grade to Pass/No Credit when grading rosters. Do not ask your instructor for a Pass/No Credit grade.

This process is initiated by the student using the My Grades Widget on your myrutgers page.

Please note that you have until May 22nd to make this decision. This means you will be able to view your final grade(s) for your course(s) prior to making this decision on your myrutgers page.

Please contact with any questions.

Thank you, we wish you continued academic success and good health!

Wanda J. Blanchett
Dean & Distinguished Professor

Internet/Technology Access Challenges: We May Be Able to Help: A message to Students from Salvador B. Mena, PhD, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Rutgers University—New Brunswick:

March 19, 2020

Subject: Internet/Technology Access Challenges: We May Be Able to Help

Dear Scarlet Knights,

As the university transitions to remote instruction to help slow the spread of COVID-19, we are aware that not all students have access to the technological tools required for online learning.

The Office of the Dean of Students may be able to assist students who find they do not have the necessary tools to properly continue their classes remotely. Please contact them at for information and further guidance.

Thank you for your continued patience and resilience during this unprecedented situation.


Salvador Mena, Ph.D.

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Rutgers University–New Brunswick

Technology Resources for Students

The following webpage outlines technology resources for Rutgers students, including information about videoconferencing, learning management systems, and getting help with technology services and systems.

Important: Be familiar with the most up-to-date COVID-19 information being provided by the university, as well as guidance from your school or unit. View the latest Rutgers announcements.

Updates from Professors/Instructors: Check Email and Learning Management Systems

Early and frequent communication by Rutgers instructors and professors is being encouraged to keep students informed. Rutgers instructors and professors have been asked to reach out to students via the appropriate learning management systems (Blackboard, Canvas, and Sakai) or via email.

  • Individual instructors at Rutgers–New Brunswick, Rutgers–Newark, and Rutgers–Camden are expected to be in contact with their students regarding plans for remote instruction prior to March 23.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Check the LMS in use for your courses for readings, assignments, videos, etc., provided by the instructor or professor:


Videoconferencing software may be used by your professors for class meetings and other instructional needs.

In some cases, professors will use the live, synchronous videoconferencing software available from within a learning management system—Blackboard Collaborate or BigBlueButton, depending on the LMS you’re using.

Professors might also use the following videoconferencing options, which are supported by the university and available for free to students:

Free Internet Access for Students

A number of providers of internet access have committed to providing access to students via the Keep Americans Connected Pledge. The arrangements vary among providers so check these webpages for the details:

Getting Help

To seek assistance with technology issues and problems, reach out to the Office of Information Technology Help Desk.

Computer Labs

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) Computer Labs have revised hours during the current situation. View the announcement about revised hours for the OIT Computer Labs.

Microsoft Office

Rutgers students are able to install Microsoft Office on home machines for free. Learn more and download Office by following the instructions available at the Rutgers Information Technology website.


The University Software Portal features software from major vendors, including Adobe, IBM/SPSS, Microsoft, Qualtrics, SAS, and more. In addition, OIT has worked with vendors to get students the software they need to work effectively from home. View a list of products that are newly available for free or have temporary free licenses.

 LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning (formerly features thousands of video tutorials and training resources about business, technology, and creative skills. Access is free to Rutgers students.


Do you have questions not addressed by this webpage? Please reach out to

Student Resources for Online Learning from the Office of Disability Resources

Here are two pages with information about managing your accommodations in an online environment:

Here are resources from other departments at Rutgers to assist with online learning:

We will continue to update this list as we find new resources.

Updated 3/20/20 10:30 am

The Writing Center 

Notice about Tutoring and Covid-19

ANNOUNCEMENT March 17, 2020 at 4:00PM

Dear Rutgers Writing Center Tutees,

If you already enrolled in tutoring and wish to participate in online tutoring for your Writing Program classes, read on!

During this difficult time, the Rutgers Writing Program and their Writing Centers want to reiterate our commitment to supporting undergraduate writers. The desire to enact our mission has not diminished simply because our doors have closed! To that end, we have sent you an email asking whether you would like to continue tutoring during this period of online instruction.

We are all reeling from this sudden transition from face-to-face learning to online platforms and modalities. If you are not interested in moving your work at the Writing Center online, you don’t need to worry! You are in no way required to receive tutoring online, and will NOT be penalized for opting out, nor will it affect your future ability to enroll at the Writing Centers. In order to opt out, simply do not submit a form. No Writing Center students were deregistered, and you will NOT be deregistered if you don’t seek online tutoring.

Online tutoring will launch on Monday, March 23, and will continue through April 24.

If you are thinking about enrolling in online tutoring at the Rutgers Writing Centers, please consider the following:

  • Online tutoring will help keep you on track to succeed in your writing courses, especially during these uncertain times
  • Online tutoring is one-on-one. In other words, each tutor will be paired with only one tutee for each online session
  • All online tutors are trained and employed by the Writing Centers; however, there is no guarantee that you will be paired with the same tutor you have been working with face-to-face during this semester
  • You “meet” online with your tutor at the same time each week for 50 minutes
  • If you miss an appointment, you will NOT be penalized; however, we encourage you to make every effort to meet your tutor during the scheduled session, as they will not be available at other times
  • Writing Center Directors will provide clear directions on how to make online tutoring happen, and will provide recommendations for having a successful session

Once you have completed the form, you will get a confirmation that your form has been received. Appointments will be scheduled through RU Scheduler. You should receive notice of your appointment by Friday, March 20th. This email will contain important instructions. These instructions will explain the necessary steps for connecting with your tutor in Google Hangout via your Scarletmail account.

We value our tutees immensely, and want to provide as much support for your writing as possible. Please consider taking part in this exciting launch of online tutoring! If you were enrolled in tutoring for Spring 2020 and did not receive a link to the Online Tutoring Form, please email

Warm Regards,

Regina, Jackie, and Sara

Jacqueline Loeb, Director of the Douglass Writing Center

Regina Masiello, Director of the Plangere Writing Center

Sara Perryman, Director of the Livingston Writing Center

Rutgers Learning Center – Remote Instruction

The Learning Centers are here to help as students transition to fully online learning. We will continue to offer tutoring, academic coaching, writing support, study groups, and in-class support online, though some services will have reduced hours. The four Learning Center locations will be closed until further notice. Beginning on March 23, 2020, we will have a virtual help desk  to help students navigate their courses and connect with support services.

We have created a guide for successful online learning and ask you to share this with your students.

(This page will soon be updated with detailed information about how to access each service.) 


The Learning Centers will be using the Webex platform to provide Online Tutoring beginning Monday, March 23rd through the remainder of the semester. Webex is available for free to all students at Rutgers –

Here’s what you will need to access the Online Tutoring: 

  1. A laptop or desktop computer with webcam and microphone.
  2. An active Webex account through Rutgers –

To access the Online Tutoring Schedule beginning, Monday, March 23rd:

  1. Click on the following link: Online Tutoring Schedule
  2.  Find the session you wish to join and click on the link up to ten minutes before, and any time during, the scheduled time slot.

Any questions, please email:


The Learning Centers will be using the Webex platform to provide Academic Coaching beginning Monday, March 23rd through the remainder of the semester. Webex is available for free to all students at Rutgers –

Here’s what you will need to access Online Academic Coaching:

  1. A laptop or desktop computer with webcam and microphone.
  2. An active Webex account through Rutgers –

To access the Online Academic Coaching schedule beginning on Monday, March 23rd:

  1. Click on the following link:  Schedule an academic coaching appointment
  2. Select the date, time, and coach for your appointment.
  3. You will receive an email with a webex link to join the meeting before your scheduled appointment.

Questions? Please email Lucille Leung at 


The Learning Centers will be using Webex for online writing coaching, from Monday, March 23rd through the remainder of the semester.

Here’s what you’ll need to access Online Writing Coaching:

  1. A laptop or PC with webcam and microphone.
  2. An active Webex account through Rutgers –

To schedule an Online Writing Appointment beginning Monday, March 23rd:

  1. Click on the following link:  Online Writing Coaching
  2. Select the week or month from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the date, time, and writing coach for your appointment.
  4. You will receive an email with a calendar invite before your scheduled appointment.
  5. Questions? Please email Shawn Taylor at

Study Groups

Online study groups begin on Monday, March 23rd during their scheduled times.

The Learning Centers will be using Canvas and Big Blue Button for online study groups, which are offered through our Learning Assistant (LA) Program. If you are registered for a study group, you will be invited in advance to join a Canvas page through which you can access Big Blue Button for your online study group sessions.

To participate in the online study groups, you will need:

  1. To be registered for a study group. If you are currently not registered for a study group, you can register for one here: (If you were already registered for a study group before the switch to online instruction, you need NOT register again.)
  2. To accept the invitation to the Canvas site specifically for the online study group sessions (all Canvas sites will be labeled as “[Course Name] Online Study Groups”). Students registered for study groups will receive an invitation for this from the LA Program.
  3. A laptop or desktop computer with a webcam and microphone
  4. It is best to have Adobe Flash and Java installed on your computer to access screen sharing.

Questions? Please email the LA Program staff at

Student Affairs Operations and Services Status for Dining Services, Office of VPVA, Residence Life, Rutgers Food Pantry, Student Health, etc:

Nutrition Recommendations for COVID-19 (March 19) from Dining Services Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 

University Operations FAQs

How can I reach the Financial Aid Office: 

Students may contact a Student Services Adviser using the following contact form:

Students may also call Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.:

  • Financial Aid: 848-932-7057

Is the Cashier Office open in New Brunswick?

The New Brunswick Cashier office is closed for in-person payments. Students can make payments online at or mail payments to: Rutgers University Student Accounting Services, PO Box 2021, New Brunswick, NJ 08903-2021.

Are Rutgers buses running?

Bus service will be available on a reduced schedule. Buses are currently running on a modified spring break schedule. Check Transportation Services for updates.

For campus info:

Rutgers University–New Brunswick

Rutgers University–Camden

Rutgers University–Newark